Lots of lovely people

Paul Kepke-Smith, Owner Wirral Small Cars

August 2016

Working in Heswall over the last 10 or so years myself and Roz have met so many lovely people, lots have come to see us to buy cars, some to get their car fixed and a few just to have a look as they’re walking past.

Quite a few of these lovely people come from the local Heswall business community and what a great bunch they are, funny, hard working and intent on the continued success of Heswall businesses as a whole. We have found the local business owners here in Heswall to be so supportive and we always try our best to shop locally wherever possible. Neil Kenyon (the chap in the photo) runs the Heswall Coffee House and we are so happy to supply his new car and hope it gives him and his wife many years of great service.

It is hard to run a small benefits local business when the costs of opening the doors in the morning just keep going up, so I hope all our readers will help and support their local business by shopping locally  even if it’s just a quick cuppa or snack with Neil at the Heswall CoffeeHouse.

Paul and Roz

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