Do’s & don’ts of buying a used car?
Paul Kepke-Smith, Owner Wirral Small Cars
Feature 2016

You only need to open a car magazine or check a  motoring website to find all the do’s and don’ts of buying a used car.

They will give you all the handy hints, the things to look out for, the questions to ask, the research that you must do and how not to caught out with a dodgy purchase. These hints are fine and a welcome source of knowledge for the used car buying public. Great if you already have a bit of motoring knowledge, a bit of time to do all the research , the ability to ask those searching questions that will make your average used car salesman tremble and maybe a car savvy friend to give it the once over for you !!

But there must be a better way, how about walking into a used car outlet just knowing that all the things you need to check, checked. The car data identity research, researched. The vehicle prepared to a national motoring organisation’s exacting standards and then certificates provided with the car to back it all up.

With a used car, sound too good to be true?

Wirral small Cars, Heswall are an RAC Approved Dealer selling RAC Approved cars and here it is possible. The RAC BUYSURE scheme starts by checking the provenance of every vehicle. Each vehicle has a full HPI clear certificate proving that there is no outstanding finance, no insurance loss classification, chassis number matching and no listing on any stolen alert register.

Each vehicle then has a major service which includes cam belt replacement if due, this alone can cost hundreds of pounds to carry out and cost an awful lot more if the cam belt snaps. Then your vehicle undergoes a vigorous RAC Approved Inspection Checklist which includes everything from wiper blades to brakes and from cooling to computer diagnostics. The vehicle then gets an RAC Approval certificate. Every vehicle is then given a full 12 months MOT, a national RAC Warranty and also RAC Breakdown/Recovery.

The RAC’s chief executive, Chris Woodhouse says, “ we have done a lot of consumer research around used car purchasing and the main fear people have is that they are going to buy a lemon. The more you can give them trust-RAC Buysure vehicles undergo an 82 point check-and the more confidence you can give people, the happier they are going to be.”

So take away the guesswork, the fear, the worry and buy a RAC Approved car from your local RAC Approved dealer, Wirral Small Cars.

Paul and Roz

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