From Heswall to the Falkland Islands
Paul Kepke-Smith, Owner Wirral Small Cars
Feature 2016
What are the odds of a local Wirral car dealership supplying a quality used car to Falkland Island national whilst visiting the Wirral?
Wirral Small Cars have gone international again after selling a car to a woman on the Falkland Islands.

Paul & Roz were left stunned when Mrs Turner purchased a car from them while visiting family on the Wirral.

Mrs Turner was born on the Falkland Islands but came to live on the Wirral before returning to the islands with her husband.

Mrs Turner researched the dealership from her home on the Falkland Islands before buying the car from Paul.

Paul said: “We have sold cars all around this country, in Aberdeen, Portsmouth, Newcastle and even one to Malta but this must be a record.

“Our website provides pictures and video making it very easy for prospective customers to research all our vehicles.”

The sale coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, when Argentine forces invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Paul and Roz

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