Happy 15th Birthday Wirral Small Cars

Paul Kepke-Smith, Owner Wirral Small Cars

September 2016

Well , how time flies?…Wirral Small Cars celebrates it’s 15th birthday soon and myself and Roz can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

From our very humble beginning with just four cars in a small unit to our premises in Heswall and then our RAC approved status things have certainly changed a lot for us. What really is amazing is that has just flew past; Lots of you will remember when we used to bring Alexander to work as a very small baby and he had his own corner in the office. I know you remember because it is often mentioned to me , I suppose it isn’t everyone who is lucky enough to spend all day with their new born as most Dads have to get back to work after a couple of weeks off, leaving mum and baby at home. Well Alexander is 10 years old now and is in his last year of primary school…so time really does fly!

Since the start of Wirral Small cars in 2001 we have had so much support from our customers and we thank you all

Paul and Roz

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