It was September 10th 2001 when Wirral Small Cars first opened it’s doors, it was the day before the Twin Towers were struck in the horrific terrorist attack.

I can remember standing in the small industrial unit on the Carr Lane Industrial Estate in Hoylake (pictured) and thinking to myself that maybe everyone was right, that a garage only specialising in small cars would never work. They said that you needed to have 4×4’s, estates and family cars to make it work as a business.

The local papers, The Wirral Globe and The Wirral News (remember them !), came out on a Wednesday and our 1st advert was inside. BT had managed to get our phone up and running in time and I just had to wait for it to ring. I waited…and waited….and waited. By 3pm I’d pretty much convinced myself that I’d be on the job hunt again next week , after leaving a fairly well paid job ( that I hated !) to open Wirral Small Cars.

And then it happend, the phone rang. It was a chap interested in Fiat Punto that I had in stock. I jumped in it and drove it to his house, he liked it and he bought it. That was it…..Wirral Small Cars was up and running.

And here we are , 21 years later, I actually cannot believe where the time has gone . There have been some hard times during those 21 years . I mean we’ve been through that terrible terrorist attack I mentioned, the biggest recession in living memory, Covid…….and we’ve seen a number of Prime Ministers !!! And there have been many many absolutely wonderful times. We have met so many lovely people and have many customers that we now consider friends.

In our 21 years we’ve tried to do our bit in the community, we’ve sponsored childrens football teams, supported Barnado’s, Rotary club, Heswall, Macmillan amongst many others and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

Thank you to everyone who have been a part of our journey, thank you to the customers that have supported us so loyally over the years.  Thank you to my Mum and Dad who have always given their support, especially my Dad who comes in and keeps the tea and coffee flowing.

A special thank you must go to Roz , who has kept me on track when I needed support and direction, helped to keep my terrible paperwork in order,  driven me all over the place to pick cars up, kept the ideas coming to improve what we do and rolled her sleeves and got stuck in when we are busy.

Here’s to the next 21 years, I suppose we will be selling hover cars powered by sunlight then !


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