On the 6th September 2019, our friends from Team 10,000 Donors will be participating in the Crumball Rally – Italian Job route.

Their aim is to raise money, awareness and to get more donors registered to delete blood cancer. DKMS the organisation set up to delete blood cancer need as many donors registered as possible.

There are two classes of car eligible to take part:‘Ragtops’, which are classified as any 2 seater convertible with an engine size of no more than 2.5 litres (of any age and value) and ‘Bangers’ which should cost, or have a present value, that does not exceed £200.

They have to get their bangers from Reims in northern France to Nice via the Alps, Turin and Monaco. The team will then be taking the cars up to Germany, where DKMS were founded, to continue the campaign.

They have 3 aims

1. To hit 30,000 registered donors……. you can register here www.dkms.org.uk/register-now

2. To raise £25,000…….you can donate directly to DKMS here thy.ng/AQU15270

3. To spread the word about how you can help

Read more about the Crumball rally https://www.10000donors.com/crumball-rally

Check out our friend Pete’s website to see how you can easily help https://www.10000donors.com/

Keep up to date with the Crumball Rally progress https://www.facebook.com/crumballrallyuk/


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