Happy Easter Everyone


The Easter holiday for us so far has been fantastic and somewhat emotional. We travelled to Poland to find the village where Roz’s Dad was born, he left when war broke out and never returned.


We flew to Warsaw, had a scary drive to a beautiful city called Torun and used this place as a base for our expeditions. We found that Poland has lots of beautiful towns with buildings dating back to the 1200’s, beautiful countryside, fantastic people and the worst drivers I have ever come across !!


We had a brilliant time in Poland and hope to go again at some point to do more ancestry research. It’s a good job the Polish people speak such great English as our Polish will only order us a large beer and say thank you for it !!


Whilst we were away Mike has been busy, the work shop has had some interesting jobs in and some very difficult ones. The most difficult was helping a chap who had lost his locking wheel nut key. We have a special tool, also used by the RAC breakdown guys, that will remove them but these were really tight and had obviously been overtightened by use of air tools previously. Mike managed to remove them in the end but it was a struggle. The chap can now drive his car again without the fear of getting a puncture.


We have also had lots of fresh cars in for sale, it was really hard finding nice low mileage cars earlier in the year but supply has been much easier since the new 17 reg came out. I find I would rather have less cars for sale than accept reduced quality but the pitch is well stocked again now.


We hope that everyone has a great Easter holiday


Paul and Roz

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